What comes with impeccable chimney cleaning and maintenance

Chimney cleaning and maintenance seems like such an obvious two-pronged process towards keeping your chimney intact, but you would be amazed just how many folks ignore this important aspect of home maintenance overall. Perhaps you are also a guilty culprit of this ignorance. Do not worry, we are not pointing fingers. It is human nature and we all lead busy lives. But think of this next time you have a look at your spring cleaning and maintenance schedule. Speaking of seasons, you would need to do this in any case if you were living in an area that is particularly prone to heavy snowfalls.

You would also need to be mindful if, heaven forbid, you are living in an area where the atmosphere remains heavily polluted by nearby industrial zones where, ironically, old-fashioned smokestacks still prevail. You will be amazed to learn that chimney cleaning has kept up with the modern twenty first century. Before any professional cleaning, maintenance and relining jobs are carried out; inspections will be carried out with internal video inspections.

Today, your cleaning, maintenance and masonry will be accompanied by chimney relining. This is a process of lining that enables the control of flames and the escaping of fumes. If the process is correctly and professionally carried out, the integrity of the chimney is preserved. What this essentially means is that the chimney’s life is prolonged. Protection is also secured. The appearance of cracks and structural damage is reduced. And like all aspects of an ageing home, all chimneys need regular maintenance. This may require masonry repairs when damage has already been done.

All things being equal, you can also improve the look of your chimney, because there is nothing more appealing than a picturesque wisp of smoke billowing gently out at night or during snowfall.