It can be a sickening thought but even you might need a turnstile for your next tent event

The term used in this article is derivative but descriptive enough. The proverbial tent even refers to those roving evangelists who never stay long in one town. In order to sustain his message, he needs to move on. Now, such archaic tent events may be a thing of the past and the neglected industrial warehouse on the outskirts of an urban city environment may be your modern tent. What also needs to be considered is your growing business concern.

Secularists may not appreciate this but in order for your mission to survive, never mind thrive, it needs to be driven just like a business concern. Fundamentalists of the worst kind may just have an eye out for your tent ventures. It has happened before and you need to be mindful of this. It is your utmost responsibility, it is probably cast in stone, to look after the interests of your flock and ensure that they are as safe as possible throughout the duration of your stage-managed events.

This could happen. Your business could grow. Or should we say; your mission will grow. Call it what you will, owing to the nature of your business, you are going to need to control the crowds. You can hire professional security detail to help you with that. Do not be surprised if they insist that you install a security turnstile or two. It will help them to do their jobs better. It does not matter what your mission is, it could be the selling of wares, or it could be the entertaining or wowing of crowds, you still need to manage them and protect them.